Charles and Group, Chester, England, UK

Dear Ugyen,

I hope this email finds you feeling better.

I wanted to write to you to you on behalf of myself and the group to thank you and Pema and Pala for all you did to make this a wonderful trip.

Every day was well organised and full of experiences for us all . We enjoyed the company of Pema and Pala , and being able to see so much of Bhutan and to meet local people along the way.

All of our accommodation was a pleasure , including the homestay, and the food went down very well !

Thank you for listening to those things we asked to experience , like the archery , and making sure we did that . Pema did very well in the choice of the venue for our massages and the Hot Stone Baths.

The festival and the Tigers Nest were our two main aims , but the other days were just as much a memorable time.

Thank you for lending me the traditional costume for the festival . It was a privilege to try this and I found the outfit very comfortable as well . We really enjoyed that day and I think the choice of that location worked very well for us . It was pleasing we were with so many local people.

Thank you for my football kit and also for having the meal with us ( especially when you weren’t feeling well ).

Several of us posted photographs we took on Facebook throughout the trip . I referred to Bhutan Green Travel in my posts , so those looking knew who had organised this for us . I have now done a final post offering anyone interested in visiting Bhutan to contact me and I can pass on their interest to you . I know of people who would like to visit and I think others looking at the pictures may now think of a trip.

Of course Covid made organising this trip even more work for you than normal . The passing of Linda , Barry dropping out , Matt and Shirley having to postpone and then Alison’s difficulties only added to the challenges you faced and the changes you had to make . l thank you for doing that so readily and with understanding .I am meeting Matt and Shirley tomorrow as they prepare for their trip.

I know one or two of the group would like me to mention how much they appreciated the care and attention Pema and Pala gave on some of the more challenging walks and climbs . It meant they were able to take part with confidence and experience as much as possible.

Visiting Bhutan had been a personal wish of mine for several years now , so to finally get there has made it that much more special.

I wish you and your family and all those who work with you the very best for the future . I hope it’s a long , happy and healthy one.

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