Patrick and Bárbara, Sylt, Germany

Dear Ugyen,

Thanks for your mail and sorry for the late response – the busy daily live in germany had us back quicker than we wanted 😀

Anyway, the experience was beyond words. We had great expectations towards the trip and Bhutan which where by far exceeded. The kindness of the people, the beauty of the landscapes, the power of the dzongs – we are just amazed and grateful we were able to experience all of that.

Tenzin and Kinga were the best team we could have imagined, so nice and helpful always. It almost felt like we were just travelling with friends. Also thank you so much again for all your patience and flexibility regarding the passport issue and ensuring the old price before the STF for us. Otherwise we could not have made the trip. I hope the STF gets lifted so more people can afford to go to Bhutan and the tourism comes back to help the economy grow. If the chance ever arises, we would most happily come once more.

Gladly we will leave a review on TripAdvisor and recommend BGT to anyone that is interested in visiting your beautiful country.

Best wishes and hope to see you soon again.

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