Stephanie, Bull, Lymington, England, UK

Dear Ugyen,

Bhutan Green Travel have been great to deal with, any queries (lots from me!) answered expertly and quickly. Any anxieties I had were alleviated and meant I could really relax during my 10 day solo trip. Met Ugyen Rinzin at Travel Show in London and immediately felt confident enough to use BGT for my long awaited trip of a lifetime: I was definitely not disappointed!

My guide, Kins, and driver, Yeshi, were brilliant, knowledgeable, personable and really made the trip so enjoyable. Both of them spoke fluent English. There were some longish drives, but we stopped a good number of times for photos, comfort stops etc. and every time I asked! In fact the drives turned out to be some of the highlights. Kins knowledge of Buddhism was second to none and was so very interesting. Having been to a number of Buddhist countries, in my opinion Bhutan is by far the most Buddhist and generally spiritual country.

The Hotels I stayed at were very high quality and at most of them had amazing views. The food at the Hotels was so good, lots of vegetable dishes, perfect for a vegetarian like me. Choice of Bhutanese dishes, Indian dishes and more international too. Recommend datshi and fiddlehead ferns particularly. Enjoyed the Zumzin, peach wine and the Bhutanese beers. Lunches were eaten out and about and were always really good quality, again with lots of veg dishes.

Pace of trip was just right for me, majority of days we left Hotel at 9am, and arrived at next one by about 4.30, so plenty of time to sort things out, eat, sleep and relax.

Bhutan is stunning: the scenery is like nowhere else I’ve ever been or could imagine going. The mountains, the valleys, the rivers and the phenomenal backdrop of the Himalayas. The flowers, the spring ‘greenery’ (went in May) and the ‘freshness’ of it all. The air is so clear resulting in great photos…. I found the entire experience so very uplifting and spiritual. Everyone I met was so friendly and helpful and everyone speaks great English.

Would wholeheartedly recommend Bhutan Green Travel for a trip to this Special Country.

Hope this is OK Ugyen, am happy to amend or add to it if there is anything specific you think appropriate

Kind regards and massive thanks to you and your company

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