Communications and Electricity


Bhutan has a good network of telecommunications and Internet services. Today it boasts of a fully digital microwave and optical fiber backbone network covering the length and breadth of the country. Almost every town has an internet cafe and IDD calling booths from where you can simply log on to and send messages home and to your loved ones. Also, most hotels across Bhutan have internet access. B-Mobile coverage has reached even the remotest corners of Bhutan with international roaming facilities and its network has covered all 205 Gewogs (blocks) in the country.


Almost 100% of households are well connected with electricity. The electricity in Bhutan runs on 230 volts, and the type of power plug recommended when visiting Bhutan is a round hole two-pin and three-pin plug. Our energy is clean and green generated by hydro power, with its abundant flows of snow and glacial fed rivers.

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