Photography and Shopping


Bhutan is an ideal place and a frequent haunt for photographers offering immense opportunities for Himalayan mystery photography because it is one of the last true unspoilt countries in the world. Please check out with your guide for indoor photography as taking photographs of certain interior altars in the dzongs (fortresses), temples, monasteries and religious institutions are restricted unless you have special permission from the Department of Culture. Some of the altars are considered so sacred that it is even restricted to locals. However, you can capture images of some of the stunning landscapes, unparalleled natural beauty, panoramic views of the mountain ranges, gushing rivers, amazing flora and fauna, masterpiece of traditional Bhutanese architecture, tranquil countryside, untouched villages dotted with farmhouses, rural folk life, red-robed monks and nuns, to name a few.


For people who love shopping and taking home gifts, Bhutan offers a variety of goods that revolve mainly round textiles. You may like to shop for items like handwoven textiles, carved masks of various animals, woven baskets of cane and bamboo, wooden bowls known as Daps, handmade paper products, crafted bronze, silver and gold statues, finely crafted gold and silver jewellery, etc. You can also buy thangka (scroll paintings) and Bhutan’s exquisite postage stamps. The best place to look for these items are in the handicraft stores and shops around Thimphu and also in other major towns. Please remember that buying and selling of antiques are strictly forbidden in Bhutan!!!

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