Travelling Kits And Clothes

Travelling Kits

Bhutan experiences a great variation in its climate. Summers are warm with the average daily temperature ranging from 20 to 25 degree Celsius, while winters are cold. In winter temperatures are usually below 15 degree Celsius. So bring with you a couple of warm clothes and comfortable shoes to go with the weather, the terrain and the program. You might want to consider ‘what to wear’ for hikes, trekking and sightseeing, as well as for dinners, appointments and functions that we have planned for you.

Others things you should consider bringing:

  • a pair of sunglasses, sun cream lotion and a hat
  • antiseptic cream
  • anti-histamine cream
  • anti-diarrhoea pills
  • altitude& car sickness medicine
  • insect repellent, flash light (with spare batteries)
  • camera, films and accessories (including spare camera batteries)
  • umbrella


With great altitudinal variations the weather is quite erratic in Bhutan. So be prepared to brace the erratic weather as you step outdoor. We expect visitors to dress modestly and respectfully especially if you are planning a visit to the monasteries, dzongs (fortresses) and other religious institutions. As a mark of respect, be kind enough to remove your hats, caps, etc. as you enter religious and administrative premises, institutions and in any other place that you come across with the national flag being raised.

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